Library Hours

I am happy to post that the Union Town Library is doing well. We have close to 3,000 books. As people continue to offer me books, I wish to pass on this information:

I try to never turn down books, but with that being said, I have to consider space. I do not have a need for adult fiction books unless they are current bestsellers that you've read and want to part with.

I do have room for nonfiction, history, biography, spiritual or inspirational books or reference books (how-to/ gardening, etc.) that are not too old (copyright 1995 and up).

I have spent months sorting books so now I ask that donors email me a list of their books by author and title. Since I have my books on my computer, I can then let you know which books I am interested in versus those I already have.. I know this involves some work on your part, but if you do a short list at a time, it is easier for both of us. I no longer am taking boxes of books without this system, as I end up making countless trips to St. Vincent de Paul with unneeded or duplicate books.

I would also appreciate it if you would help spread the word about the library as I am more in need of patrons to come check out books than more books!

Current hours are TUES/SAT 9:00-Noon

905 County Rd DK

Brussels, WI

My email is [email protected]

Thank you!

Mrs. Kay E Moore